WBKA Junior Assessment

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Under 18 and want to test your beekeeping knowledge? Then this could be for you.

The Junior certificate consists of 4 elements

  • 10 minutes of oral questions
  • Examine a frame of bees
  • Present a piece of coursework
  • Present your beekeeping diary

This assessment is the equivalent of the Basic Assessment for younger beekeepers and we hope it will encourage them to continue their beekeeping education journey by taking the Basic Assessment, once they are eligible. 

The closing date for Junior Assessment applications is 1 May (which should enable the assessments to be arranged and taken during June or July).

On receipt of your application, the WBKA Basic Assessment Co-ordinator will liaise with your local association education officer and/or apiary manager, and the WBKA Assessor, to arrange a time and date for your assessment.

You can download the syllabus and application form here:


Visit the Basic/Junior Assessment Application page to complete the Application form Online