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Honey bee Hives by Adnan Vejzovic (Getty Images)

Honey Jars Harvest PollyDot on Pixabay

Swarm of Bees Flying around Beehive by Uros Poteko

Honeybee lands on flower in Spring author not listed

Honeybee and pollen by Publicdomainpictures

Apiary in winter by Kim

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Beekeeper by sezer66 (Getty Images)

Bee keeper by Kate Gibson (Getty Images)

Beekeeping Supplies and Honey on Dark Background by pixelshot

Magazine by portishead1 (Getty Images Signature)

Booklets by johnnyscriv (Getty Images Signature)

Webinar by aydinynr (Getty Images Signature)

Stack of Books by DAPA Images

Legislation icons with person in background by NicoElnino (Getty Images Pro)

Businessman presenting H&S legislation by NicoElnino (Getty Images)

Link by Navidim (Getty Images)

A clustered swarm (

Wasp by Nataba (Getty Images)

Bumblebee on white flowers by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Bee on a flower by Capri23auto from pixabay

Mason bee by Martijn Wit (Getty Images)

Asian hornet courtesy of APHA (Crown Copyright)

Teaching Apiary (

Lynfa Davies (

Marin Anastasov (

Gregynog Hall (

Apiary Workers Smoking Hives by SeventyFour (Shutterstock Images)

E-learning and Webinar Concept by relif from (Getty Images Pro)

Honey Jar by andhal (Getty Images)

Honey Bee by JRLPhotographer (Getty Images)

Honey Bees on honeycomb in apiary in summertime darios44 (Getty Images)

Honey Bee by bo1982 (Getty Images Signature)

Honey Bee-Honey Bee by MOONFLASH-LONDON (Getty Images)

Honey Bee brood showing Queen Cells by jeangill (Getty Images Signature)

Honeybee on yellow flower by ajma_pl (Getty Images Signature)

Wood bee hive icon by Marco Livolsi

Honey Comb Logo Vector Icon Concept by Indra Kosasih’s Images

Colourful Beehives in Snow in Croatia by PurpleImages (Getty Images)