Asian Hornet – the need to be vigilant

Asian Hornet – the need to be vigilant

The discovery of an Asian hornet at a supermarket distribution centre in Scotland reinforces the need for vigilance for this invasive pest.  The outbreak in Gloucestershire last autumn was contained by the Government’s quick response and speedy reporting by the public.  We can only keep this pest from establishing in the UK if we have rapid reporting of any findings and the assistance of the public and stakeholders is vital for this. Early interception and reporting are key.

Now is the time when Asian hornet queens start to emerge from hibernation and we need to intercept them before they start to build their nests.

If you suspect you have seen an Asian hornet please report this to us straight away using the alert email address: with a location (and photo if possible).

We will soon be announcing new technology to allow people to report sightings of Asian hornets more easily and accurately on their mobile phones.

We have an ID sheet and Alert Poster, which are available here:

If you want hard/laminated copies of the ID sheet or poster, please contact the GB Non-native Species Secretariat: including the numbers you would like and we will send them to you.