Health and Safety advice

WBKA Health and Safety Policy CGC Polisi Iechyd a Diogelwch

One size does not fit all in relation to risk assessment and WBKA Member Associations, and those members involved in running apiary etc events, should ensure that their risk assessments are appropriate to their particular event or set up, and are regularly reviewed.

The guidance contained in the links below is provided to assist with local risk assessment processes and policies.    

John Pilgrim is the WBKA H&S Officer and he can be contacted via email at if more specific guidance is required.


Covid-19_and_Beekeeping_Version 3    (DEFRA, October 2020)

COVID-19_and_Beekeeping_-_Welsh_Language_Version 3   (DEFRA, October 2020)

Accident Report Form      (WBKA)

Hazards of beekeeping – Reducing the risk – a WBKA guide

Manual Handling – HSE booklet, version 4

First Aid Kit contents – guidance on the NHS website

Bee Stings –  a presentation by Dr Stephen Kelly

WBKA Bee stings leaflet (currently being reviewed)