Health and Safety Information Bank

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Health and Safety Information Bank

Our Health and Safety Officer, has supplied a range of information contained within documents, power point presentations and editable excel spreadsheet format.

WBKA Health & Safety Documents  
Accident Reporting Policy and Procedure  
GDPR Accident Report Form  
Beekeepers’ Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Password protected
Welfare at apiary sites  
Manual Handling in the Apiary  
Suggested Check Sheet for Meetings Password protected
Swarm retrieval guidance  
British Standard Compliant Workplace First Aid Kit contents  
Association wishing to charge for their services  
HSE Suggested Check Sheet for Village Halls (Editable pdf)  
WBKA Power Point Presentation  
Taking the sting out of the risk Download
Risk Assessment (Editable Excel Spread Sheets)

001 – Covid-19

This is to assist member associations members to adjust editable information to their specific Beekeeping Association needs. These are suggested arrangements only and must be prepared as specific to and by individual associations needs.  
0001 – Setting up/maintanance of Apiares Pending Review
0002 – Bee stings/Swarms/Feral bees Pending Review
0003 – Chemicals Under Construction
0004 – Public events/Branch meetings Pending Review
0005 – Manual Handling Pending Review
0006 – Hygeine Pending Review
0007 – Bee Problems/Enviroment:Insecticides/Diseases Pending Review
0008  – Preparation/sale of honey and other hive products Pending Review
0009  – Fire Pending Review
00010 – Slips trips and falls Pending Review
00011 – Anaphylaxis Pending Review

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