Improving your Beekeeping

WBKA and the local beekeeping associations in Wales work together to help beekeepers in many ways.

When you are starting out, the help and advice available from more experienced members of an Association is really important. A colony of bees is a super-organism, with many things happening at the same time. Understanding what is happening and deciding how to respond is often a challenge!

Nearly all our Associations run training courses for beginners. Normally those course are offered at a local apiary, though because of the COVID-19 pandemic training is now often delivered online using Zoom or similar software.

Please contact your nearest Beekeeping Association to find out what they can offer.



An assessment and qualifications scheme is in place through which beekeepers can increase their knowledge and skills, and have those achievements recognised.

The first level, which we recommend for all beekeepers, is the Basic Assessment. Please see our Learning and Development pages for more information.







This website has many links to resources that beekeepers will find useful. Please see the Info and Resources, Swarm Help and Learning and Development sections.