Learning and Development

For the WBKA, educating beekeepers so they are better able to look after their bees, and members of the public in the importance of bees in the environment, is one of our top priorities. In this section, whether you’re someone thinking of keeping bees, or an experienced beekeeper, there will be something for you.

Please have a look at the informatiom below, you may also find our Beekeeping Library useful. We have gathered some invaluable publications to guide you through your beekeeping adventure.

Firstly, is beekeeping for you?

Keeping bees can be a rewarding pastime, but, as with most things, you only get out what you put in. Are you someone who is a bit curious, willing to invest time and effort, keen to learn new things and above all has patience. If so read on:

Your first port of call should be your local beekeeping association; the association in Wales are listed under ……….. ‘Associations

We would always recommend you get in touch with someone before you buy any equipment or make any other commitments, you’ll benefit from a wealth of experience, get advice on what equipment you’ll need and where to get it. Most associations run courses on beekeeping, normally starting with a taster session, just to make sure you’re comfortable being around bees.

To give you an idea about the various types of beehive available take a look at our ‘Hive Types’ page. You may also find our various Online Resources useful.

We have gathered some invaluable publications such as ‘Making Increase‘by Wally Shaw.

An extract from the booklet’s introduction: ‘The aim of this new booklet is to give more detailed coverage of this important subject and in a form of a practical guide for use by both individual beekeepers and associations who want to become self-sufficient for the provision of new or replacement colonies and queens.’

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