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How to build a Warré beehive at low cost by David Heaf  sustainable bee-keeping UK

Published on 8 Dec 2013

Dr David Heaf, UK Warre Beekeeper, Author of “The Bee-friendly Beekeeper”, and other publications and books, Natural Beekeeping Teacher and Speaker. Wales, Great Britain.(www.bee-friendly.co.uk)
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Dr David Heaf: Warre plans, metric (pdf File)

Translated from the original French version of L’Apiculture Pour Tous (12th edition) by Patricia and David Heaf. Eighth electronic English edition, with a minor correction and improved images, October 2015

Patricia Heaf and David Heaf, July 2007 Patricia and David Heaf reserve all rights to their translation subject to the terms of the Creative Commons license shown on page 155.

Beekeeping with the Warré Hive Link to additional information on the peoples hive as described by Abbé Warré.

Warré Natural Beekeeping Australia – Warre Beehives

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