Basic Assessment

The Basic Assessment is a completely oral and practical assessment that demonstrates you have achieved a good level of understanding of how to manage your bees.

You should have been keeping bees for at least one full season before undertaking the assessment and candidates often find the beginner courses provided by their local associations a good starting point. These courses will provide much of the information needed to take the assessment. Also, have a look at the syllabus to make sure you know what to expect.

The Basic Assessment is provided by WBKA although the syllabus mirrors that of the BBKA Basic Assessment

Assessments normally take place in an association apiary and several candidates may be assessed on the same day. The assessment will take about an hour during which you will be asked to open a hive, inspect the colony, and answer some questions on what you observe, and on other specific topics.

To apply for the assessment complete the application form and send it together to the Basic Assessment Co-ordinator. Contact details are on the application form, as are instructions on how to pay the entry fee.

Email for more information, if needed.


Last page Update 06/08/2020