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Here are a selection of recordings. Content is regularly updated so please check back soon.

WBKA Convention

Swarm Control Introduction (Wally Shaw)

Swarm Control Part 1 (Wally Shaw) Comb Managment

Swarm Control Part 2 (Wally Shaw) Box Managment

Swarm Control Part 3 (Wally Shaw) Brood Relocation

Swarm Control Part 4 (Wally Shaw) Splitting The Hive (The Big Hammer)

Three talks by Tom Seeley   An audio recording made in Vienna in  2019
There are three parts: Part 1: How a swarm chooses its future home site, Part 2: Natural strategies of the bee colony to survive, Part 3: The bee colony as a honey factory

BBKA 2020 Spring Convention talks by Tom Seeley):

 Videos of the lectures at past UK National Honey Show events are available here: