WBKA Basic Assessment Prospectus

Applicable from January 2017


To provide new beekeepers with a goal which will give them a measure of their achievement in the basic skills and knowledge of the craft. It is hoped that it will be a springboard from which to launch into the more demanding assessments.

A pass in the Basic Assessment is a prerequisite for entry into all other assessments.

1. Conditions of Entry

1.1 The Candidate shall have managed at least one colony of bees for a minimum of 12 months.

1.2 The entry form and fee shall have been received by the Local Examination Secretary, or the Secretary of the BBKA Examinations Board.

1.3 The candidate must be a member of the WBKA.

2. The Assessment

2.1 An Assessor, approved by the Board, is required to conduct the Assessment at any suitable apiary. Normally only the Assessor and Candidate shall be present at the Assessment. The Board may wish a trainee Assessor or member of the Board to be present as an observer.

2.2 The Assessment shall consist of four parts and the Candidate must achieve the pass mark in all four parts individually in order to pass the Assessment as a whole. The pass mark is 50% in each part. A credit will be awarded if the total mark is 75% or greater. The parts are:

2.2.1 Manipulation and Equipment. Practical Assessment of the Candidate’s ability to handle bees and beekeeping equipment and the ability to interpret what is observed.

2.2.2 Oral questioning and Assessment of the Candidate’s knowledge of Natural History and Beekeeping.

2.2.3 Oral questioning on Swarming, Swarm Control and effects.

2.2.4 Oral questioning on Diseases and Pests,

2.3 Scientific names, although useful and show a greater depth of knowledge, are not required.

The length of the Assessment should not normally exceed one hour.

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