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WBKA Webinars are free and available to all. We do ask you to register in advance.

We are generally arranging one webinar each month.

Our next Webinar, on Thursday 2nd December at 7.30 pm GMT,  is:

A look at the regulations around cosmetic products      by Andy Bullen

Andy has been a beekeeper for two years. Working for a company writing CPSRs (Cosmetic Product Safety Reports) and other documentation, he began writing monthly articles for BBKA about the cosmetic regulations. With the help of his wife, Andy then set up a company, initially to help small scale beekeepers wishing to produce cosmetic products, to become compliant in a more cost effective way.

Andy’s talk will focus on the changes to the cosmetic regulations since Brexit, and will be followed by a question and answer session.

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Previous webinars

You can watch recordings of many of our previous Webinars by clicking on the title.

Colonsay’s Native Honey Bee Reserve – Thursday 11th November 2021 by Ann Chilcott, Scottish Expert Beemaster (recording coming soon)

Preparing for successful spring build up – Thursday 14th October 2021 by Marin Anastasov, Master Beekeeper, NDB (those who registered for the event will receive a link to the recording)

Rational Varroa control – Thursday 16th September 2021 by Professor David Evans (those who registered for the event will receive a link to the recording)

Recording: The Honey Harvest – Thursday 5th August 2021 by Lynfa Davies Master Beekeeper, NDB

Recording: Bees for Development: the power of bees to change people’s lives – Thursday July 22nd 2021 by Nicola Bradbear 

Recording: Bee Photography – Thursday, July 8th 2021 by Claire Waring

Recording: Anaphylaxis & Bee Stings – Thursday, June 10th 2021 by Dr Stephen Kelly    Dr Kelly’s slides

Recording: Pre-emptive Swarm Control – Thursday May 6th 2021 by Wally Shaw

Recording: Climate Change – Thursday 29th April 2021 by Professor Gareth Wyn Jones

Recording: Apiary Security– Thursday 15th April 2021 by PC Dewi Evans

Recording: Comb Management – Thursday 8th April 2021 by Lynfa Davies, NDB

Recording: Disease Recognition– Thursday 25th February 2021 by Frank Gellatly, RBI Wales

Disease Recognition:  Additional Questions & Answers

Recording: The National Bee Improvement Programme– 12th February 2021 by Jo Widdicombe 

Recording: Benefits of Locally Adapted Bees – 14th January 2021  by Wally Shaw

Benefits of Locally Adapted Bees: Additional Questions and Answers

Preparing Honey & Wax for Christmas gifts and for show -10th December 2020  by Joyce Nisbet

There isn’t a recording of the webinar but there is a handout here: 10th December webinar notes

Recording:  Spoon Butter & Other Uses for your Beeswax – 19th November 2020    by Pauline Aslin 

Recording:  Recycling Wax & Frames – 8 October 2020    Jenny & Wally Shaw share their methods of recycling old frames and wax

Recycling Wax & Frames: Additional Questions & Answers

Recording:  Asian Hornet – the story so far– 10 September 2020    Frank Gellatly, RBI Wales with the latest Asian Hornet updates and information.

Recording:  Preparing Bees for the Winter – 27 August 2020  Following on from the varroa control webinar, Wally Shaw presents on getting colonies ready for winter.

Preparing bees for winter: Additional Questions & Answers

Recording:  Varroa control – 6th August 2020    Lynfa Davies NDB on the important topic of Varroa Control.

Recording:  Ways to improve your beekeeping knowledge and skills – 23rd July 2020  Caroline Mullinex explains the system of exams and assessments for beekeepers.

Recording:  Swarming – 9th June 2020    Wally Shaw on swarming and swarm control.