Welfare at apiary sites

Some permanent Apiaries and venues well supplied.

Tricky for some Apiaries /out Apiaries

Common practice is to use the car/van as a changing storage room or come and go readily dressed and rely on the Apiary is within striking distance of home or other facility.

We should strive for at least for the provision of toilet arrangements and refuge/changing and for the keeping of members mufti in inclement weather.

Refreshments better to be self-supplied.

Remember possible general public attendance

Most Apiaries have a “shed”; what extra does it take to add/install a toilet.

Mobile temporary toilet units, including disabled design,  are available to hire that are maintained and serviced by the supplier at minimum cost on long term hire/or give the treasurer a bad time and buy one

Generally supplied complete with hand washing arrangements and  as water stored not for drinking can have heated water arrangements that will need 110v 16 amp supply Single portable toilets available from many sources such as K&S TOILET HIRE

Web will reveal plenty of suppliers in Wales

If you go for a green option perhaps?  Natural Resources for Wales can advise on the installation of Earth closets. Would need of course landowners permission.       Web site Lowimpact.org

Just to vent to the hedgerow is not really good for the environment or for modesty. Remember the Ladies.

Provision of drinking water or, if no running potable water, ensure people have their own (advise to bring)

Some form of heating? Explore solar panels and electricity storage .Mobile generators, LPG

Related concerns

—Use and storage of LPG if used to heat /dry   –LPG REGS-Web site   ELGAS helpful

Electricty installed and maintained professionally  to BS7671/NICEIC 18th EDITION

Supply of appropriate fire extinguishers with up to date inspection proof. Yearly—INSPECTION


Security of power unit and petrol/diesel   —-take way and bring back for use

Access for delivery and maintenance——-siting and supply; supplier will advise

Appearance—–available in Green to blend in with nature

Vandalism——–can be locked

Remember we as volunteers we are deemed to be at work.

Refer      HSE Pamphlet      INDG293(rev1)


Cost could be covered        1 by sale of Associations products

2 donation appeal

3 partly perhaps by discount arrangements  as members of WBKA