Rhif/No. 190 Hydref/Autumn 2015

Contents Rhif/No. 190 Hydref/Autumn 2015
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3         Editorial
4-5      Bees at the Blind Veterans UK Centre, Llandudno, North Wales.
6-7      MoD Bees get their marching orders Nicholas Richter and Barry Griffiths
8-12    European Foul Brood – a beekeeper’s view, Greg Nuttgens
13-14  It's a New Season and Change is in the Air for Bridgend Beekeepers
15      Theft of Queen Bees Alan H Morley
16-18  DIY Frames David Marshell
20-22 Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre First Anniversary!
24      Sad News
26-31 Wild Honey Bees of the Glaslyn Clive and Shân Hudson
32-33 Queen Clipping – A pragmatist’s view! Paul Eades
34-38 Letters – Llythyrau
40-43 Notes from the Grumpy Old Beekeeper
44     Bonus online magazine
47     Local Association Representatives
47     Stop Press

Contents Rhif/No. 190 Hydref/Autumn 2015 Bonus online edition
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4     Bragging Rights! Wendy and Alan from Penmaenmawr Conwy.
5     Bees for Development
6-8   Exams and assessments in Wales 2015 – so far! Lynfa Davies: WBKA Exam secretary
9-14  Varroa: To Treat or Not to Treat? Frank Gellatly: RBI Wales
15-16 Winter colony losses with and without chemical treatment for Varroa experienced by Gwynedd beekeepers David Heaf, with the collaboration of Clive Hudson and Shân       Hudson
17-18 Herding Bees Wyn Jones
19-26 Army Bees Part II
28-31 Rescuing Bees in Need Phil Springham & Ann Ovens
32     Ddihangodd hon ddim William Griffiths
35-36 Newfangled Ideas (Bee Gym)
38-40 A Winters Tale Celia Davis, Warwickshire Beekeepers via eBees
41-42 Apiary Security Some simple ideas to help guard against thieft
43-45 Question – What is Nosema ? A quick look at one of the most frequently asked questions
47    Local Association Representatives