Rhif/No. 191 Gaeaf/Winter 2015

Contents Rhif/No. 191 Gaeaf/Winter 2015
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3     A word from the editor
5     Bees and Plants: An Intimate Relationship
8     NHS for bees: Do bees have in-hive hospitals?
11    European Foulbrood The NBU perspective
14    St. Ambrose is going home
16    Bee Wise: ‘Bee Empathy’
18    Letters – Problems with Queen Mating Technical officers reply to letter from William Griffiths
22    Wax Moth Larvae: A fast food feast for Robins Article & photographs by Paul F Abbott.
24    Why do we Physically open Hives?
26    Grumpy Old Beekeeper
29    Local Association Secretaries
30    BDI Funding Research
32    Varroa: To treat or not to treat: is that the really the question?

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