Rhif/No. 192 Gwanyn/Spring 2016

Contents Rhif/No. 192 Gwanyn/Spring 2016

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5      A word from the editor
6      WBKA 2015 Chair’s Review
8      Can you help the WBKA? Have you thought of becoming a trustee?
12     Feeding Your Bees
13     How to Conduct a Post-mortem on a Dead Hive By Wally Shaw (Technical Officer) and Frank Gellatly (RBI)
16     NBU Report 2015
19     Letters Llythyrau
23     Locally Adapted Bees A reminder for the coming season and to new beekeepers Wally Shaw, WBKA Technical Officer
25     Trick Or Treat Barry Griffiths Conwy Beekeepers
26     Human Behaviour and the spread of EFB
29     Local Association Secretaries
30     OBITUARY Pam Gregory 1948 – 2015
31     OBITUARY Tom Pegg 1942 – 2015
32     OBITUARY Brinley ap Dewi Rowlands 1931–2015
32-33  The Greener Outlook to Beekeeping: Some thoughts from ‘Greeny’
34-35  Garry Gadgets beginners corner
36     Have You Entered The WBKA Logo Competition For Your Chance To Win £100?
37     The WBKA Convention is moving Jill Wheeler, Events Secretary

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