Rhif/No. 194 Hydref/Autumn 2016

Contents Rhif/No. 194 Hydref/Autumn 2016
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3-5   Hive Configuration and Over-wintering By Wally Shaw
4     Bee Friendly (WALES)
6-7   WBKA COLOSS survey 2015/16
8     Do bees have accents?
9     New study on grooming behaviour by honey bees against varroa
10    BeeConnected – connecting farmers and beekeepers
12    The Beekeepers’ Association Secretary an appreciation by Wally Shaw
13    UK Honey Labelling Regulations
14    Mr Fred Eckton, BEM
15    Words From The Web
16-18 Interspecific transfers of viruses between the western honey bee (Apis mellifera) and the eastern honey bee (Apis cerana) are rare, even if honey bees are kept in close proximity, new research reveals.
18    Madness has entered New Zealand’s bee keeping industry, with high honey prices believed to lie behind the suspected poisoning of valuable bee stock.
19-22 My Research by Ron Hoskins Swindon Honeybee Conservation Group
23    A new method for observing honey bee behaviour
24    How And What Do Bees See?
26-30 Llythyrau – Letters
31    Local Association Secretaries
32-34 Association news

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