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Beekeeping Books online  
The Antient Bee-master’s farewell by John Keys of Bee Hall, Pembroke. Publication date 1796 Read Now
British bee-keeper’s guide book to the management of bees in movable-comb hives, and modern bee-appliances by Cowan, T. W. (Thomas William), 1840-1926 Read Now
At the Hive Entrance by H. Storch Translated From German by F. Celis Read Now
Bees for Development  
Bees for development has introduced a number of training fact sheets, which can be viewed and downloaded. Fact Sheets
Dave Cushman: Bee Keeping & Bee Breeding  
One of the most informative sites based in the UK is Dave Cushman (1946-2011). A past member and chair holder of the WBKA, who was a dedicated beekeeper and webmaster. A major reason why Dave generated the website, which is dedicated to the study of bees, was to educate, both beekeepers and the general public about bees in general. Includes specific methods and those used by beekeepers in handling bees as well as the means whereby we can breed “better” bees. Access
Eva Crane Trust  
Formed by Dr Eva Crane (1912 – 2007); having established during her lifetime the Bee Research Association (BRA). That later became the International Bee Research Association (IBRA), which was originally based in Cardiff, Wales.  

Dr Eva Crane was a prolific contributor of published papers and documents concerning various aspects of Apiculture and Beekeeping  world-wide.

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Historical WBKA online  
Historical archive summary of wbka.com via the Internet Way Back Machine-Saved 86 times between March 27, 2003 to June 29, 2017. Development Summary of wbka.com
Miscellaneous Articles & Papers  
Welsh honey ‘as potent as Manuka’; Cardiff University analysed the honey created by bees from 250 Welsh hives to find plants they had visited with high antimicrobial properties. Read Now
Scottish Beekeepers Association Magazine Archive Access
Thomas Seeley  
Honeybee research articles from Cornell University, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior; Zoology, Ecology, Entomology. (Many thanks to the Gwynedd Beekeeping Yahoo mailing group for this contribution.) Publications


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