Who we are

WBKA is the national support organisation for beekeepers in Wales, and we represent Welsh beekeepers nationally, and in the UK, and internationally.

We have a dedicated team of trustees and officers working on services and support for its membership. We provide a number of services to beekeeping in Wales but in addition we represent beekeeping in Wales in a number of fora.

We are members of CONBA – the Council of National Beekeeping Associations where we seek to provide a unified approach from the home countries and Ireland to the UK Government and international bodies.

We are members of the Bee Health Advisory Forum (BHAF), a UK Government forum where all interested parties meet with the National Bee Unit and others to discuss current issues affecting bee health, including updates on pests such as the Asian Hornet.

We arrange training so that beekeepers in Wales can develop their knowledge and skills, and arrange assessments and examinations that provide recognised beekeeping qualifications.

Most of our 1,700 members are indirect members, in that they belong to one of the nineteen local independent beekeeping associations that are affiliated to WBKA.

You can locate and find out more about your local beekeeping association here.

Direct membership of WBKA is possible, normally for organisations, institutions and business, but also for individual beekeepers who do not want to join a local association.

An Application Form to become an Individual member of WBKA may be downloaded from here

WBKA members are covered by third party and product liability insurance negotiated by WBKA on behalf of its members, and can also buy Bee Disease Insurance at attractive rates.


Last page update 22/10/2020