Other national associations

The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA) is an organisation for the conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of native or near-native honeybees of the British Isles . Their web site is here:  BIBBA

The British Beekeepers Association can be found at: http://www.bbka.org.uk   The BBKA was set up in 1874 to promote and further the craft of beekeeping and to advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment.

The Scottish Beekeepers Association website is at: /http://www.scottishbeekeepers.org.uk

The Ulster Beekeepers Association are here https://www.ubka.org/

The Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations is here: http://www.irishbeekeeping.ie/



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