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Welsh Language Statement Wales is a bilingual nation where the presence of both Welsh and English languages can be seen […]
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BBKA Show Judge Certificate Take your experience in showing honey and honey products to the next level In order to […]
BBKA Microscopy Certificate This assessment provides a qualification and measure of achievement for those beekeepers with an interest in pollen, anatomy, […]
BBKA Module exams The Modules are theory examinations which may be held online or at a centre in your region. […]
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BBKA Advanced Husbandry So, it is 2 or more years since you gained the General Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry and […]
BBKA General Husbandry Certificate Have you been beekeeping for 5 years, passed your Basic Assessment and wish to progress your […]
BBKA Honey Bee Breeding Certificate A practical assessment to promote the skills required to improve stocks of local bees. Another […]