WBKA is keen to encourage members to undertake some learning, whether practical, theory, or both. Gaining a better understanding of bees and beekeeping practice helps us to manage and care for our bees and many beekeepers find undertaking some study both rewarding and stimulating.

WBKA offers its own Basic and Junior Assessments (which mirror those provided by BBKA). We have an arrangement with BBKA which allows WBKA members to access the BBKA theory modules and higher practical assessments as BBKA members for exam purposes only. (WBKA currently pays the BBKA Exam Membership fee which facilitates this on behalf of WBKA candidates but candidates remain responsible for payment of the exam/assessment entry fees themselves).BBKA Correspondence Courses are also available to WBKA members studying for exams and assessments.

Please see the further detail and relevant syllabus for each exam/assessment.

You can contact us by email at  education@wbka.com if you have any queries, need more information, or to discuss the options available.

Caroline Mullinex  

WBKA Exam Secretary

Nicola Oulton

WBKA Basic Assessment Co-ordinator